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Accommodation Oscadnica Veľká Rača, u Jaňola

Accommodation U Jaňola is situated in the heart of pretty village Oščadnica, in the region of Kysuce. In this area lie also mountains Kysucké Beskydy. This village is famous year-long tourist aim. Dominant of this place is the highest hill Veľká Rača (1236 m.) and there situated year-long centrum Snow Paradise Veľká Rača Oščadnica. During summer, but also winter season come into own enthusiasts of mountains, hiking, sports, nature, silence, but also fun. We would like to invite you in nice and quiet rural environment right under the Kysucké woods where you can enjoy lying in the grass or barbecue during summer, in winter you can try to build snowman etc. But you can
enjoy year-long fun, relax and spending time
with family and friends.